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Inspirational Website of the Week: Odunpazari Modern Museum Our pick this week is a celebration of modern design, with many interesting interaction details. Get inspired This content is sponsored via Syndicate Ads Grow with the All-in-One Marketing Platform Your app is up and running! Now what? Seamlessly connect it to your marketing data. That’s what. […]

5 Projects to Help You Master Modern CSS

5 Projects to Help You Master Modern CSS

Many claim CSS is not a programming language. I agree — it’s tougher. A mastery of CSS requires skills in design, determination, inventiveness, experience, as well as coding (especially when using preprocessors such as Sass). CSS suggests layouts and styles to the browser. A browser can interpret those suggestions whichever way it chooses and, even […]

Adventures in CSS Semi-Transparency Land

Diagram. Illustrates how a bunch of semitransparent layers of various alphas are reduced to a single one. We start by taking the first two from the bottom and computing their equivalent, then we take this result and the third layer from the bottom and combine them into a single layer and so on.

Recently, I was asked to make some tweaks to a landing page and, among the things I found in the code, there were two semitransparent overlays — both with the same RGB values for the background-color — on top of an image. Something like this: <img src=””/> <div class=’over1′></div> <div class=’over2′></div> There was no purpose […]

25 Photographer Portfolio Websites for Web Design Inspiration

12 Travel Presets

Whether you specialize in bridal or portrait photography, one thing is clear: you need to have a website that showcases your photography skills and makes it easy for potential clients to book your services. When it comes to presenting your photography skills, there are several options. You can use the homepage to add a full-width […]

Mistakes To Avoid For Beginners In Web Development

Mistakes are common during web development especially if you have begun your career as a web developer. It doesn’t matter which of the programming languages are used for coding ranging from Java, PHP, C# or .Net, mistakes are bound to happen when it comes to facing complex coding and scripting language. Here are a few […]

Leave an Impression with Print Peppermint’s Fresh Designs & Premium Paper

Leave an Impression with Print Peppermint’s Fresh Designs & Premium Paper

This article was created in partnership with Print Peppermint. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. Everyone has a business card—is yours any different? Designing the ideal card for your business is a project that deserves real time and thought. For a fresh approach, consider Print Peppermint. Their in-house design services ensure […]

10 Web Development Tips to Better Your Website Success

The most common mistake any company or individual can make when venturing out on a new website project is to assume that design is everything. I can assure you that your website’s design on its own is not what will make you successful. A quality and professional web development service is what will affect the […]